Washing Woes


Pretty impressive Christmas photo, no? This would be Chloe attempting to help me fix the washing machine today. We made a valient effort which recovered two pennies, one barrette, and a stretchy ponytail holder from waaaayyyyy back inside there, but it was all for naught. We’re going on day 3 of not being able to do any laundry. The good news: I was caught up before this happened. The bad news? I’m no longer caught up.


Angel Tree Topper

Speaking of Christmas, we put our tree up yesterday. This is our first year to have an artificial tree and the reason for that also fits into the theme above and that is this: real trees are budget busters for us. Also, the only real trees we’ve ever been able to get are the 6 foot variety. After Christmas ended last year I started the hunt on Craig’s List for a 9 foot artificial tree. I found one…for $25. Can I just tell you how awesome it was yesterday not to plunk down $55 on a Charlie Brown style 6 foot tree? Let me do it now: It was very awesome. Here is the tree:


We had one teensy problem with this very tall tree. The star we’ve been using for the past several years doesn’t work on this tree. We had a bare tree top until tonight when this little scrappy angel doll made an appearance at our house:

I think she’s all kinds of cute. And I’m pretty happy with how she looks at the top of our tree:



We’re getting there. I’m hoping to start the advent stuff tomorrow night. Yes, I realize advent started a week ago. I gave up starting it on time several years ago. No guilt. We do what we can.

Hope your December preparations are ones that bring joy to you and not obligation.

Peace to you tonight.