Seasons of a Mother’s Heart


I have a super awesome story to tell you. When I went to the Relevant Conference in October, my primary motivations for going were to hear Sally Clarkson and Ann Voskamp and spend time with Homespun Monica. Missions accomplished all the way around. The story I’m about to tell you is about Sally Clarkson. Here I go.

There was a table set up at the back of the main conference room with all of Sally’s books for sale. At one point we were told the books were $2.50 each and I thought, “Man, I’m going to get myself back there and get Seasons of a Mother’s Heart for all my Classical Conversations tutors!” When I went back, I discovered I misheard the sale price, sort of. They were going for $2.50 for the first two. After that they were $5 each.

Hear me when I say this: That’s still a darn good price for these books. It just wasn’t in the budget. When I told the gal running the book table that I wasn’t sure anymore after hearing that, she seemed to understand. I told her I needed to go get my check book anyway and I went back to my room to think about it. I needed ten copies of the book which was going to come to $45. I finally decided $45 wasn’t too bad for ten Christmas presents for my CC tutors and I got out the checkbook and wrote the check. The whole time I was processing this with Monica and she was just listening to me go back and forth, back and forth. With the check in hand, I started to leave the room. I stopped. I said, “Craig isn’t going to be okay with this. It isn’t in the budget. I’ll just have to say, ‘No.'” I tore up the check. Monica affirmed my decision and we left the room together with me feeling much lighter for having made the better decision.

When we walked back by the table, I wanted to sneak around it. I didn’t want the gal running the table to see me because I would then have to tell her I was going to pass on this great deal. She saw me and started to speak to me. I stopped her and explained it just wasn’t the best move for me right now and thanked her anyway. She stopped me and said that while I was gone she’d spoken with Sally and they decided they wanted to give me the ten books because it made more sense to them than hauling them all back home with them.

Stop for a second and register what just happened there. Yep. A big giant slap on the back from God for obeying that still small voice inside telling me to rip up the check. Humbled, I accepted her generous offer.

Today I put a copy in each of the tutor’s Christmas baskets at our CC Christmas party and I remembered that moment in Pennsylvania again. And I smiled.