Name Your Favorites

I’m going to a party tonight in which we’re all supposed to bring 5 of our favorite things, each under $5. We’ll go home with five other favorites. I couldn’t think of what I wanted to bring so I posted my dilemma on Facebook and got several good ideas which I changed slightly to come up with this list:

  • A CD with 5 of my favorite songs from this year (and yes, I paid for them again so this will be a legal transfer of music)
  • One business card holder
  • Food Network Magazine, the Christmas edition
  • Riley’s Seasoning
  • A few bottles of Mike’s Lemonade (various flavors)

The songs on my playlist are:

  • Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ by Hanson
  • Stay Here Forever by Jewel
  • Wrapped Up In You by Wayne Kirkpatrick
  • Setting Up The Pins by Sara Groves
  • Listen To Our Hearts by Geoff Moore and the Distance

Two things: I know the Geoff Moore song is ancient. I still like it. Also, Hanson? Don’t judge. The video is addictive.

What would you bring if you needed to come up with five favorite things under $5?

If you were to make a 5-song playlist of your favorites from this year, what would be on it?