Help! We’re LOST

We know, we know. We're terribly late to the party, but we just spent the ENTIRE DAY watching season 6 of LOST.

Not to sound completely sluggish, I did manage to get my entire ironing pile up to date (and lo, it was massive – took about 4 episodes to do that) and sorted about a bajillion socks into matching sets.

But back to LOST. What? I purposely avoided reading any online commentary the entire time it was going on, but I'm scratching my head here.

(Apparently this was actually a spoiler post for one poor soul, so consider yourself warned if you click to continue! And sorry, Mary!)

Were they all really dead that whole time? And why was Penny there with the dead people? And what's going to happen to Jack and Juliet's son if they are both really dead? Does that mean they don't really have a son?

Almost makes me want to throw my iron right at the TV.

Anyone have any thoughts for me this late in the game?


6 thoughts on “Help! We’re LOST

  1. Allsion says:

    They weren’t dead the whole time — they all died at different times. The parallel world we saw all season and the last sequence is the “future” afterlife — at least the writers’ take on the afterlife. I’m not sure why Aaron is a baby in the afterlife, but whatever. And as far as their son — that was weird and never really explained. It’s like the characters “created” this purgatory-type place so they could all meet up in the afterlife and then move on — TOGETHER — to the Great Beyond. Look, I didn’t write this. Don’t blame me. But yeah, if I’d thought they’d all died in the crash or something I’d have been really livid. But no, they made it just like seasons 1-5 and Ben and Hurley really did rule the island together for a while. (Apparently that’s on the DVD extras.) They just all “find” each other in this other world. Please don’t throw your iron at the TV. The TV would be sad. And you would, too. Eventually.
    Oh, and if you watch Community, the Christmas episode had a great reference to LOST. Basically, that you can make it mean whatever you want to mean and that LOST season 1 represents “lack of payoff.” Meh. But it was funny in context!
    But what a way to get the laundry done!


  2. Need A Nap2 says:

    We haven’t watched a single episode. With a lot of the “feelings” over the series end, I’m not sure I want to start down that road. We started watching 24 when it was in it’s 4th season and it was REALLY REALLY hard to avoid talk about it!! We even finally got caught up enough we watched the 8th season on the internet week-by-week. Hope you enjoy your LOST-ness and I’m glad you’re getting some laundry work done at the same time! 🙂


  3. Megan says:

    Thanks for the insight here! Craig sent me a couple of links to websites of people who had way too much time on their hands and I skimmed them. I just wanted the Cliffs Notes version, kwim?
    I’m not sorry we watched it. Craig seems to feel like it was a waste, but I still enjoyed the show.
    We’re behind on 24 too. Hoping to do that one next, but not until next week probably…


  4. Sarah says:

    Just a disappointing finish. It seemed like something I wrote with a group in HS after we wrote ourselves into a corner. Oh well. You can just make up a better ending for yourself and I’m sure it will be satisfying.


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