I’m Saving You From Asking

A gal I don't know sat down next to me during the opening meeting of the women's Bible study I'm attending this year. As she walked in front of me to take her seat I couldn't help but notice the scent she was wearing. I liked it very much…so much that between songs I leaned over and told her. I had to ask: What is it that you are wearing?

She giggled a little as she said, "I sort of hate to tell you. It's called Glow by JLo ." I laughed too because, well, who would have guessed it?

And who would have guessed that I would request some for Christmas?

Picture 1 Yet, I did. And here you can see it. It's not exactly my style, nor would anyone on the planet ever, ever, EVER accuse me of having anything even remotely in common with Jennifer Lopez. But I do like her taste in perfume.

And now I have some of my own.

And if you catch a whiff of it on me the next time you see me, please don't ask. You already know.

And I still blush like a school girl when I'm embarrassed.