Psalm 1:1-4

Sometimes I need to kick-start my quiet times into gear by drawing something out. I'm certainly no artist and if you look back at my hand written journals (back when I used to actually keep hand written journals) you'd find scatterings of elementary-ish stick figure drawings throughout as I would attempt to write out applications in picture form.

I just had the urge to do it again only I wanted to go back to the days in which I would illustrate things with construction paper, scissors, and glue. Sometimes I wish I still had all my old pictures. I'm sure I laughed at them critically at some point and pitched them, but they were such a part of who I was…who I still am.

Unfortunately for me, though, my quiet time crafty urge came too late at night for me to do much about it. So I turned instead to the Fun Felt app for the iPad. Problem solved.

Here's my 2011 rendering of a 1970's Sunday School banner of Psalm 1:1-4:

Picture 12 Picture 13

There now. I feel much better.

What do you do to kick yourself back into gear when going through a quiet time funk? I'm all about the new ideas…


2 thoughts on “Psalm 1:1-4

  1. Rebekah Gleason says:

    I’ve been reading through the Bible with a plan i found in an article called Bible Reading Program for Slackers & Shirkers. The article is wonderful.
    It lists reading selections for days of the week–no dates, no pressure. Doing it every day would get through the Bible in a year. I expect it’ll take me about 5. When i miss too many days, I start over in the Psalms, they are the easiest for me to connect to.


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