Miss Assumption

The phone rang and it was the library. I remembered the 3 late notices we've received in the mail and the stack of overdue/lost books I've had in the front seat of the van for 2 weeks now and did not answer because…I'm guilty.

The librarian left a message. Turns out she didn't call to give me what-for on not returning the books. No, instead she wants to pick my brain on some things for homeschoolers they want to do. And I assumed the worst. Or maybe this is her way of reeling me in so I finally return the blasted books?

Ah, the library. I love you. And I hate you. But I don't really hate you, I hate myself for having no system at home for keeping the books together so we return them before it becomes cheaper just to buy the book from Amazon.

But I love you. And I will return your call…just as soon as I return those books.