Miss Assumption

The phone rang and it was the library. I remembered the 3 late notices we've received in the mail and the stack of overdue/lost books I've had in the front seat of the van for 2 weeks now and did not answer because…I'm guilty.

The librarian left a message. Turns out she didn't call to give me what-for on not returning the books. No, instead she wants to pick my brain on some things for homeschoolers they want to do. And I assumed the worst. Or maybe this is her way of reeling me in so I finally return the blasted books?

Ah, the library. I love you. And I hate you. But I don't really hate you, I hate myself for having no system at home for keeping the books together so we return them before it becomes cheaper just to buy the book from Amazon.

But I love you. And I will return your call…just as soon as I return those books.

7 thoughts on “Miss Assumption

  1. Need A Nap2 says:

    I had a friend who hadn’t been to the library in years b/c of ONE overdue book. She said she would find it then lose it then find it, etc. I told her just to face the music and pay the fine or ask for a forgiveness so her 3 children could enjoy the library again!! 🙂


  2. Sally D. says:

    We have a library bag that hangs by the back door. We keep the books inside the bag unless we are actively reading them. Then when it’s time to go to the library, I just grab the bag and off we go. Sometimes we have to sort through the bag at the library counter to “find” some we haven’t read yet. This works good since we can re-check them out.


  3. Lindsey Lohr Cox says:

    I don’t have a good system either…but what I have works pretty well 80% of the time (that said, I just paid a hefty $14 fee for books/videos I kept too long over Christmas/snow/ice)
    I keep a old fashioned milk crate by my stairs that lead out the garage door. All library books go in there as soon as they are “done.” Our library is pretty convenient with our other errands around town so I can breeze thru the drive-thru box and dump whatever we’re finished with.
    I also go online and check my library acct about once a week. This way I can hit the “renew” button if needed for those books I haven’t finished.
    Works well 80% of the time. Just don’t get caught in a southern snow storm and have DVD’s out for $1 a day late fee 😦


  4. Kathryn says:

    This post cracked me up! I just paid my first every overdue fines (our library does not have a grace period, so as soon as it’s due, you’re doomed!)and was SO bummed about it. Wish my library called me for ideas instead of payment!!


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