Tuesday Night

It's time for another installment of, "Who let her in here and gave her access to the internet anyway?"

So. What's the best way to clean a grimy keyboard? My Mac keys are in need of some TLC. Or a maid. Or maybe I need to start washing my hands before I use it? Ahem.

I've had this nasty cold since Saturday. The cold is now progressing into the cough stage which is the worst. I hate the cough stage.

Craig checked out some movies from the library tonight and is watching one as though maybe he's thinking tomorrow is going to be a snow day or something.

It's definitely not going to be a snow day tomorrow.

We might have another snow day on Thursday, though, so maybe he's just getting a head start?

I taught 11 girls 12 and under how to tie dye yesterday. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I also made a large pot of noodles with chicken for dinner last night. Hardly anyone was hungry so we had a lot left. I forgot about it all and went to bed without putting it away. Boo on me.

We've had a working washing machine for two weeks now. This is exactly how long we haven't had a working vacuum cleaner.

Sams Club has vintage Pepsi and Mountain Dew cans made with real sugar. I'm usually a Coke Zero kind of gal and even then, a pretty loyal Coke drinker. But this Pepsi made with real sugar? I likie. A lottie.

I have a major deadline on the 20th. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

You guessed it. I'm hoping for a snow day.