Happy Heart Day

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Craig pretty much summed up our Valentine's plans for me this year. Basically, we've once again gotten too busy for our own good, so tomorrow's afternoon schedule looks something like this:

1:45 – Drop K&E off at friend's house. Said friend will take them to piano lessons 1 hour early because I volunteered to help out at C's class Valentines party and they can't come with me.

2:00 – Help out at said party.

3:30 – Leave school with M&C and get them to piano lessons by 4. Pick up K&E.

4:00 – Proceed in opposite direction to take E to a make-up choir sesson since she missed last Thursday due to a tummy ache. Get her there by 4:30.

4:30-5:15 – Twiddle thumbs with K while waiting for E to finish. Meanwhile, Craig, who has an after school meeting with the principal at M&C's school, will make sure he's done in time to pick them up at piano by 5.

5:30 – Converge at the Holy Spirit mall, where we will use the Chick-fil-A gift cards my mom sent us for Valentine's for dinner. Our Chick-fil-A still gives some free chicken out for bringing in church bulletins, so I did go back to the church tonight at 5:30 to grab 6 bulletins out of the recycle bin. Yes I did. I am not ashamed.

6:00ish – Head to Barnes and Noble, where we will each pick out one book using the awesome Groupons we got last week. Craig received birthday money with instructions to use it at Barnes and Noble. That same day Groupon offered $20 Barnes and Nobel certificates for $10. We got one for every email address holding memeber of our family (4) which means we turned $40 of Craig's birthday money into $80 worth of books. (Don't worry, he will still get to spend most of it on books for himself.) It's just getting harder and harder for me to pick out books for the girls they either don't already have or haven't read from the library. This will ensure they choose a book they really want.

After this we will come home and begin the frantic prep for Tuesday. Calgon, take me away!

Hope your heart day is a good one and involves much less driving around than mine does!