Follow Up Note to the Rest of My Kids

Dear Rest of My Kids,

You know how I usually stack your laundry in a pile specific to each of you and then ask each of you to go put your stash away? By "away" I never once meant for you to take the entire pile and toss it in the bottom of your closet(s). I especially never meant for you to do that every time I give you laundry so that the bottom of your closet then appears to have the same look as the area right in front of the washing machine.

Once again, I may not have eyes in the back of my head, but I do notice things every now and then. I just didn't notice this one soon enough. Believe me, I noticed tonight. And I pulled every last piece of it out into a heap in the middle of your room.

I then planned to make you put it all away tonight. I then thought that might be mean and decided you could do it over the weekend. I then softened and put it all away FOR you. All of your laundry is either hung or neatly folded and in the proper drawer. For now. Because I love you.

But also because I love you, I want you to know that I will not be doing this again. Nor will YOU be continuing in your wayward habits after tonight. Nope. There will be a laundry check the next time I ask you to put it away.

Else you might never see your favorite shirt again because I've gathered it up off the bottom of your closet and tossed it in with the giveaway stash.

Because I love you.

Love, Mommy who is thankful every day for all the people in her family to care for and wash clothes for but who still doesn't really enjoy doing laundry that much, particularly twice.


Note to 7yo Who Tried Sneaking Past Me By Walking Sideways Through the Dining Room

Dear 7yo who just tried to sneak past me by walking sideways through the dining room,

I realize you were trying to hide the mud on your pink pants that I specifically asked you to be careful about not getting dirty a few minutes ago. I know you didn't want me to see it and I can respect that. A gal's gotta try to take care of stuff on her own sometimes after all. I get it.

But here's a tip: I might not have noticed had you just walked in here like you normally do. But when you did that walking gallop thing right past me I had to look. I just did.

Here's the thing. I love you. And you didn't need to try to hide it from me. We have a washing machine and we all know how to use it.

But here's the other thing: Thank you for not being SO sneaky that I really wouldn't have ever noticed. I love that you are still 7 and you act like a 7 year old.

And thanks for changing your pants and putting the other ones in the laundry.

Love, Mommy who doesn't have eyes in the back her her head, but who does really notice a lot more than you think she does