On Relaxing

I had a unique opportunity on Saturday. I was alone for the bulk of the day. I had no car, no internet, and no responsibilites. I had a good book and a comfy bed.

Sounds about perfect, right? Problem: I could NOT shut my brain off or concentrate on anything of substance. I was unable to nap, despite being on day 3 of the current head cold I'm weathering. I was unable to read because every time I tried I read the same sentence four times in a row and that's not very productive reading.

So what did I do with this nearly-perfect day? I overdosed on HGTV and iPad Solitaire.

Yep. That's just the kind of substance you've come to expect from me, right? But do consider that we don't have cable TV ourselves, so being in a spot that did was a kind of vacation unto itself.

But I was pretty disappointed with myself for wasting an otherwise perfect day. I do not know how to relax.

What's the secret out there to those of you who CAN shut your brains off and take a nap when you really need to? Inquiring minds want to know. They want to know so badly they can't shut off.