Driving Myself Crazy

I was in my van today from about 2:30pm to 7pm. That could stand alone as a reason for anyone to be driven crazy, but it wasn’t just that I was driving someone somewhere and back all during that time, it was that I travelled the same stretch of road so many times and the rain tonight made everyone drive about 7mph on the highway. Insanity.

Craig is on his way to Florida for another Biblical Imagination conference with Michael Card. He was my first drop off. After that we did have a 45 minute lag, but not enough time to go home before taking the two younger girls to choir. Once I did that I had to go back to the school to pick up my oldest from yearbook class. Together we then went to pick up the youngest from choir. Then the three of us went to where Chloe was participating in a chess match. She wasn’t finished yet, so I dropped Maddie off there so Chloe wouldn’t be alone at the end of the match while I then drove the same stretch of road again back to the choir to pick up Katie. From there it was back to the chess match to retrieve Maddie & Chloe.

It was on this final trip to pick up the older two again that I really did lose it. I passed a major road and couldn’t for the life of me remember which direction I was driving on I64/40 or where I was going or who I was getting.

Fortunately the moment passed quickly and I realized I was headed back toward the city and I didn’t actually forget anyone, though the exceedingly slow traffic did make me later and later with each subsequent pick-up.

Since it was about 6:45 by this point we decided Jimmy John’s was in order and we parked alongside the store front on the street…right behind a man who appeared to have fallen asleep ON HIS MOTORCYCLE. His presence in the road made parallel parking a little more unnerving than it normally is, but I managed to get parked. By the time we got out he “woke up” and gave us a look that made us all feel sufficiently creepy. As we walked toward the restaurant the girls were convinced he was following us so we practically ran into Jimmy John’s, pushing each other inside so we’d be safe from the Crazy Motorcycle Snoozer.

We ate. Then we returned to the van. The man on the motorcycle had moved his bike from immediately in front of our van to immediately behind it. I know I’m delusional tonight, so don’t take me too seriously when I say it looked like he was trying to pry open the back of the van with a crowbar. Because it really did look like he was doing this. I’m not really convinced he was, but maybe he should have. He really missed out. We have a hot pink booster seat back there for the little girl we pick up after school, a green bag full of a random assortment of coloring books and such, and a fair amount of garbage because we still haven’t mastered the fine art of putting miscellaneous papers and straw wrappers in the trash can. We were quite a catch for the Crazy Motorcycle Snoozer.

It was no joke, though, that I didn’t even have to ask the girls to hurry into the van and we got the heck out of there as soon as we could. The whole way home somebody kept turning around to make sure he wasn’t following us.

And now I’m quite of the opinion that I never really want to get in the van again. Seeing as how I’m the only legal age driver in our house until Sunday night, I don’t suppose that’s a reasonable possibility, but it sounds pretty nice. Particularly on a night were I really was driven crazy.


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