Oh. My. Word.

So my girls asked if they could take some pictures of the cats yesterday before the family came over to get them. "No problem," I said and handed them the camera.

Just now I snapped a photo of a bookshelf I'm about to unload and came over to pop it into iPhoto. My photo is there alright…right behind 167 photos of cats.


Cats in a chair, cats on the washing machine, cats on a sleeping bag, cats on the stairs, blurry cats, clear cats, striped cats, running cats, sedentary cats, cats, cats, cats.

And a fair amount of pictures of their water and food dishes.

And all I can say right now is I'm glad I know how to use the delete key. If I can ever get them all to upload.


5 thoughts on “Oh. My. Word.

  1. Megan says:

    Well…it’s a lot when you had no idea they were on there and then had to weed through them all to find one of each cat so you could tell your kids you did keep some of them… 🙂


  2. ellie and abbie says:

    ha! this post cracked me up.
    167 cat photos. Oh, the joys of digital photography. You need to tell them about the good ol’ days when the camera would stop after 24 shots due to using up the roll of film. 🙂
    (I’m as guilty as they are….having taken many, many digital pics of the same thing just to get exactly what I want!)


  3. Cath says:

    And aren’t you glad you have a digital? Back when I was a girl, my dad let me take and develop an entire roll of film just of my Barbie’s (50th, probably) wedding to Ken out in the petunias.


  4. Kelly says:

    Oh goodness. This reminds me of the first time we gave my Grandmom the digital camera. Somehow she changed the setting to take 3 pictures per snap and we ended up with many, many pictures of her new kitchen cabinets : )


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