Really? A Whole Week Already?

I’m looking at the date here almost in shock, but I shouldn’t be surprised, not really. February is the month that wasn’t. I know that makes no sense, but we’re still in the midst of processing some things as a family that are pretty much just taking the punch out of us. I have proof.

Example 1: Yesterday at Classical Conversations I sat down on one of the church couches at 2:15. I was just going to sit there for a minute. Thirty minutes later I woke up with I heard one of the kids say, “Mrs. Dunham is asleep in the lounge!”

Example 2: After taking my two oldest to choir tonight, the other two and I came home. Millie declared herself to be tired and she laid down on the floor of the living room in a sleeping bag. I thought she was just resting for a bit, but I said I thought she had a good idea going on there, so I went upstairs and laid down. Thirty minutes later I woke up. I came downstairs and saw she really had fallen asleep there and she’s still sleeping.

Friends, 7-year-olds don’t take voluntary naps in my house. They never have before, so this means she’s either been drained by this month too or she’s getting sick and as much as I don’t wish emotional exhaustion on anyone, I hope that’s it and she’ll be her normal self again soon.

So that’s what’s going on (or not going on) around here.



2 thoughts on “Really? A Whole Week Already?

  1. Audra says:

    I really do worry sometimes that you are just wearing yourself out. I hope you get rest and that this month will be better for you and your girls.


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