On School Plays

The 4th-6th grades at school can try out for the school play should they so choose. Both of my older girls decided to audition.

There was so much excitement around here this week as they speculated on which role they might get and how fun the auditions were and such. They made me take them to school 30 minutes early today so they could see the cast list.

We walked in the school and saw the little crowd milling around a bulletin board – that must be the one. That’s when we discovered the news: one of my girls got a major part (I don’t know if elementary school plays have a “lead” but the part she got is the one everyone wanted). The other one didn’t get cast in a speaking role at all, but got assigned to sing a song with a group of girls.

And there I was in the middle. Caught between wanting to be excited for the one who was so excited and wanting to console the one who was so disappointed.

I don’t remember reading about this scenario in the parenting how to book and my heart is about to burst today.