On School Plays

The 4th-6th grades at school can try out for the school play should they so choose. Both of my older girls decided to audition.

There was so much excitement around here this week as they speculated on which role they might get and how fun the auditions were and such. They made me take them to school 30 minutes early today so they could see the cast list.

We walked in the school and saw the little crowd milling around a bulletin board – that must be the one. That’s when we discovered the news: one of my girls got a major part (I don’t know if elementary school plays have a “lead” but the part she got is the one everyone wanted). The other one didn’t get cast in a speaking role at all, but got assigned to sing a song with a group of girls.

And there I was in the middle. Caught between wanting to be excited for the one who was so excited and wanting to console the one who was so disappointed.

I don’t remember reading about this scenario in the parenting how to book and my heart is about to burst today.


8 thoughts on “On School Plays

  1. Char Dunham says:

    Congrats to both the girls for stepping up and auditioning. I encourage each to be the best she can be in the appointed role. There will always be another audition, and who knows, the roles may be switched at that time! This is a time to support each other.


  2. Katy says:

    That is so hard! I can’t imagine!! Have you read Siblings without Rivalry..it is so good and I think would have lots of applications for a situation like this. (Written by the same people who did How To Talk So Kids Will Listen…one of the most brilliant parenting books ever).
    If it were me I’d take the one who didn’t get the part out for coffee (or, you know, hot chocolate) maybe drink it in he car if you so she can talk and cry about her disappointment and grieve through it (like you did with the cats) so she can handle the excitement of her sister having he part and hopefully (eventually) be happy for her, too!
    I think she should be able to be sad and angry without guilt that she “should” feel happy for her sister. Hopefully in time it will come, but that has got to be so disappointing!
    (Also, this is from siblings without rivalry….encouraging her to keep acting if she enjoys it, that whether her sister is better than her or not is no reason not to do it! So, not encouraging her to do something different that she’s better at, which can be so tempting!)


  3. Gina says:

    That’s got to be hard! I don’t look forward to when my girls are older and I’ll be in the same situation. Congrats to them both for auditioning and being in the play though 🙂


  4. Michelle says:

    The same thing happens to Titus and Anna… Last year Titus got Scrooge and Anna got a minor role in Christmas Carol. This year Titus got Tumnus and Anna got Animal #6 in Narnia. It’s been tough on Anna. The sad part is– Titus doesn’t even really want these roles…


  5. Need A Nap2 says:

    (What Michelle said reminds me a little of the Hollywood twins Jason London and Jeremy London. Jeremy wanted a part in a movie The Man in the Moon and Jason went to support him but Jason got the part.)
    I would try to encourage both of them that it is great they both got parts. (Since they’re different ages, you might be able to point out that the “director”(?) may have been looking for a certain style/age of girl to play the parts.) There are many grown-ups who look back and wish they had been picked to sing or act in a play but who didn’t get chosen. 🙂


  6. kristen says:

    What a hard situation. Mothering is tough. I, like Katy, thought of Siblings Without Rivalry immediately and how I need to re-read it again as my girls are getting older…


  7. April says:

    We struggle with this at 4-H contests. This year my two oldest girls are in the same age division, and my younger daughter gets so sad when her older sister places ahead of her. She seems to have trouble realizing how much two more years of experience and knowledge help! Usually, some time helps her gain perspective and be thankful that she did place, even though her sister placed higher.


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