A little George Mueller experience

I didn't pay the choir last month. I knew I didn't pay them and I felt badly about it, but that's just the way last month went down. I was hoping to make up the difference this month, but as of yet that still hasn't happened.

Last night while we were finishing up dinner the phone rang. I saw it was the choir and my heart sank. I really thought they were calling to tell me they needed that payment asap or the girls would have to drop until we got caught up. I braced for something along those lines.

The lady on the other side of the phone was gracious and polite as she asked if now was a good time to talk. I wanted to say, "No, there is never a good time to tell us what you are about to tell us," but instead I said, "Sure. We're just finishing up dinner, so now is fine."

She went on to tell me that they had just received an unexpected gift from a corporation and that they decided to apply some of it to our account. The amount they applied covered what we owed them for February plus an extra $40 towards March.

I paused for I don't know how long. "Seriously?" I asked, "That's really amazing!" I think I stammered something else before thanking her and then asking if we could write a thank you note to the corporation to which she said we certainly could. So we will.

And I hung up and told Craig and we rejoiced together.

It wasn't even that we'd specifically asked God to cover this bill for us, but He knew our need and took care of it on our behalf anyway. And I wanted to share that piece of really good news tonight.

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