Like a Snowman in the Spring

Nevermind that we actually DID get snow this past Monday and had enough for my girls to make a snowman in the backyard. I know that it’s mid-March and that proper homemakers of America have officially taken down ALL of their winter decorations and probably even have some spring ones up.

I am not a proper homemaker of America.

Picture 2

What’s this? It’s my front yard. See that little yard ornament there in front of the for-decoration-and-leaf-collecting-only bird bath? Need a closer look?

Picture 7
Yep. That’s my snowman in the spring. I also had a doormat out front with Christmas trees on it that, as of ten minutes ago, is now in the trash because when you leave a decorative doormat out for four months that should only have been out for, say, two weeks, you have problems.

Here are my excuses: 1) we rarely ever go through the front door and my whole life can be summed up by the mantra “out of sight, out of mind.” 2) I don’t know what to do with him – do I pack him away with the Christmas stuff? Do I toss him in with the stuff headed to Oklahoma in three days for a temporary vacation in my parents’ garage? He’s a man without a country, Frank.

I am this snowman in the spring. I need to pack, but what? I’m in that very uncomfortable spot of needing to clear out some excess so we can get our house ready to show, but also we still live here and need to until late July. And we’re still homeschooling and kid-shuttling and all the other stuff that makes up the sum of our St. Louis lives.

I’m really kind of a mess. I don’t know if my mind is in St. Louis with all the present realities we’ve got going on or if it’s in Oklahoma City with all the uncertainties that lie ahead.

So here I stay – kind of noticeably out of place, like a snowman in the spring. If I’m not careful I’m going to melt.