A Variety of Things

Thing 1: I have three more weeks of Classical Conversations left and then the end-of-year banquet and then I'm officially done as the director.

Thing 2: I'm sort of in denial that I have to get up and go be the director again in just about 6.5 hours.

Thing 3: Despite the fact that we haven't even listed our house as being for sale yet I'm feeling a significant amount of anxiety over the fact that we haven't sold it yet.

Thing 4: Yes, I know how irrational Thing 3 is.

Thing 5: It's supposed to snow again today.

Thing 6: I only packed 5 of my 10 boxes for Monday.

Thing 7: This leaves me with 15 to pack for Tuesday. Tuesday is my longest day of the week so I don't think that's going to happen either.

Thing 8: I really like this photo:

Picture 17
Thing 9: I'm hoping I can put in my vote for real hymnals at City Pres.

Thing 10: I may get voted down and I'm okay with that. It would just be nice is all.