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Maddie and Chloe are in the school play. Maddie has a major role and Chloe has a solo, so they are both involved, though Maddie has had more after school rehearsals because she has a bigger role.

The play is actually tomorrow so there was a dress rehearsal today at the church where it is going to be. I thought…well all of us in our family thought that Chloe had to be at this dress rehearsal as well as Maddie, so as I dropped them off this morning I made a point of saying, “I’ll see you both at 5 tonight in Florrisant!”

Imagine my shock at walking into the church in Florissant, which would have been a 25-minute drive in decent traffic, but considering the time of day it took us longer, when I walked in and didn’t see Chloe anywhere.

Imagine how long it took me to realize that if she wasn’t there, she had to be…at school still. Imagine how fast I tried to drive from Florissant back to the school all in insanely heavy traffic between 5-5:38, because…it took 38 minutes to slog our way back through that traffic.

Imagine how frustrating it is to know that after care is $4.50/hour and you think it officially ends at 5:30 at which point the school charges $1/minute for every minute you are late.

I get there and they call her up and she grins as she sees me and says, “Where were you? I called!”

This, the child we call Captain Obvious, forgets 1) I don’t have a cell phone and 2) I’m not home at all on Tuesdays and 3) If she leaves a message on our home phone it rolls over to Craig’s email and I never know about it until he hears it and forwards it to me and 4) he had a baseball game so he never got her message either.

She informed me at that point that she didn’t have to go after all. My response to this? “Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!”

Ah well, we’re home now. I have no idea how much that little mistake is actually going to cost me, but at the very least I’m glad the school has that service because if I’d thought she’d been waiting for me on the curb for 2+ hours my little conniption would have definitely been about five times worse.



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