A few other interesting tidbits to our story

Last fall I was given a video blogging offer from KSDK's St. Louis Moms Like Me website. The job was going to be to post two videos per month and it was supposed to begin about the end of October. I was given a Flip camera to use (not keep, but use) and was on hold for KSDK to be able to host the video uploads on their own site as opposed to YouTube or Vimeo or some such.

I waited and waited and waited. I was eventually told that the budget they set aside to cover this gig was no longer in place and could I bring the camera back. I said I was happy to wait a while and see if they were able to reinstate it. They were fine with that.

But here we are in April. That job never came around and I need to get them the camera back, stat!


Another opportunity that arose at the end of the year involved another sponsored blogging gig. This one had some decent pay potential and I thought I had a decent shot at it. The job was very specific to St. Louis. They were looking for a St. Louis blogger to represent them for one year. In January I got an email saying that this program was also on hold for the time being and they would contact me when they opened it back up again.


Then a third option came, also in January. This one involved working for one of the many city group deal buying sites. I don't think I had a good understanding of what all they wanted me do when I sent the inquiry in, but by the end of that process, had I decided to take the job it would have been mine to take. In the end, we were the ones to say no to that one – too much time and too much outside of what I'm comfortable doing.


Bam, bam, bam! Three jobs, three opportunities to help boost our family income, and three closed doors. All three were specific to St. Louis. The very next month our long term plans to stay in St. Louis changed.

I've just added these to the ever-growing list of things God did to pave the way for this move to happen. Because had thing one or thing two ever come open, I would have taken them and then been stuck trying to figure out how to get out of them come June.