Why We Don’t Participate in Girl Scouts

Almost 7 years ago I mentioned we had been invited to join a local Girl Scout Daisy troop in Colorado Springs. I did some very rudimentary research on the organization and was not happy with what I found out. We did not participate.

I’m not sorry we never picked it up. In fact, I’m uncomfortable purchasing Girl Scout cookies, even. I bought one box this year because we’re friends with the family of the girl who was selling them, but I really didn’t want to. I do not want to support the Girl Scouts in any form or fashion.

I’ve been meaning to come back here again and talk about that decision some more, but I don’t really have to now. Marcia Segelstein at WORLD did it for me.

She also points to the blog of two teen girls who quit Girl Scouts after eight years of participating once they realized what the organization stands for on ethical and moral issues. Be sure to check out the link of these Honest Girl Scouts as well.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You can be in a “Christian” troop run by sincere Bible believing people and your own daughters may never have to sit through the liberal agenda promoted at the national level. But your dues go to the national organization. Your cookie money probably goes there too. It’s not an investment my family is interested in making.*

Consider checking out American Heritage Girls instead. I have no experience with AHG, but if we were to participate in a scouting program at all, we would definitely go that direction.

*I’ve been corrected in the comments on where the money actually goes.

Christina left another comment with a link to this pdf on where the money has been traced to go. I’m copying the chart here. You can click the link in the comments to download it for yourself.

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