What would you take with you?

We're in the middle of a tornado watch here in St. Louis and the sky looks like it could really happen. Still. I've been in this spot before and nothing has ever happened, so it's really really REALLY hard for me to take them seriously.

After Joplin, I should.

As a precaution, I just had K9 gather up all of our tennis shoes and socks for everyone (we're all barefooted right now. We put them in a laundry basket along with a gallon of water. We piled up 2 sleeping bags and a couple of pillows. I popped the iPhone on top of the pile.

It's probably ignorant to think this will do the trick, but I felt like I should do SOMETHING, even if I'm sitting here right now posting this post, sitting next to a big window.

Say you had ten minutes to gather some stuff together – what would you put in your basket?

9 thoughts on “What would you take with you?

  1. Jennifer says:

    shoes for all, purse, keys, cell phone, flashlight, radio, laptop. When the New Years Eve storm hit our power went out and I ran upstairs to quickly get a flashlight. Later we learned the utility poles were down near us and the tornado had hit not too far away….yeah, I don’t take it lightly anymore. at. all. and i’m a kansas girl who loves thunderstorms and also grew up with this. I’d rather be safe and have nothing happen rather than be sorry.


  2. sandykdolan@gmail.com says:

    Yesterday, when the tornadoes were flying all around us, I had my purse, cell phone, laptop, and my grama quilts (one actually made by my dad’s grandma, one by my grandma, and one by my mom). My roommates and I spent about 90 minutes lisening to the local weater dudes and watching the live videos. It passd us by, but many homes were destroyed, at least 10 people lost their live, and one 3-year old is still missing.


  3. jennifer says:

    I took the following into the bathroom with me last night: two cats in one carrier, a rain coat, a hooded sweatshirt, 4 flashlights (maybe overkill for two people), the box of our wedding photo proofs, my purse, two cameras, laptop, cell phone, chargers, bottled water, and a battery-operated radio. (towels & blankets were nearby.)


  4. jennifer says:

    and you will notice that bobby was not mentioned in that list, and that is because he never came into the “safe place” with me. instead, he made dinner and took photos outside. 😐


  5. Becky says:

    I made four trips up And down the stirs carrying photo albums and the external hard drive. We would have been naked but had photos of days we were clothed.


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