I’m not sure if my one week silent treatment here on the blog has been sufficient proof that we moved last week or not, so I thought I’d break my internet fast tonight to tell you it’s true. Last Sunday we left St. Louis for Oklahoma City. We’re still finding our way around in every sense of the phrase. The people we are buying our house from (we still haven’t closed on the house yet even though we HAVE moved in) still have a lot of their things in the house until they get their own situation figured out. Among these things are their dog, Boomer, and their cat, Lloyd (if you don’t get the significance of those names to the geographical area then go brush up on your OU trivia…).

We’ve been enjoying Boomer and Lloyd very much even if Peaches, our own pooch, doesn’t care so much for Lloyd and Chloe and I have had to break out the Zyrtec again due to cat-induced allergies.

However, the girls and I are back on the road this weekend. Half of us are headed back to St. Louis to gather up the rest of our own things we left in what is now no longer our house there in Maplewood. So we’ll be silent for a bit longer as we continue this transition.

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Becky says:

    i figured you had left – the silence was a big clue but the city seems emptier some how and THAT was the real give away.


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