Tap, Tap, Tap – Is this thing on?

It's been about three weeks since I've had access to the internet from anything other than my phone. I did have one night's worth at my parents' house (when I put up the last post) but other than that, nada. It's not necessarily been a bad thing, but let's just say I'm glad to have it back now.

Oklahoma has been…hot. No surprises there, right? It's pseudo-south and not-pseudo summer, so the heat is to be expected. What isn't going to be expected is our air conditioning bill when it arrives. We're not used to having central air conditioning, but we're getting used to it quickly. Our house has three units and the main challenge is remembering to turn off whichever one(s) we're not needing at any given time. My other challenge is remembering to turn them back on when I enter a room. I have this weird habit of not noticing the temperature until I've reached an extreme, so by the time I realize the air isn't on, it's 82 in the house. Yes, I know. It's weird.

No painting has taken place in this house yet, but I'm considering tackling my first project this weekend. I did have this unexplainable need to throw some color on in some fashion last week, so I took three hours out of my unpacking and covered this bulletin board:

Picture 1
I. Love. It. I have another super large bulletin board in this same room that I think will get the same treatment at some point in time, but after realizing how long it took me to do this (smaller) one, I decided the larger one could wait a bit longer. We still haven't even found the printer cord. Ahem.

I did grab some paint chips today just to begin thinking about color and where it will all go. I want another orange room, but won't do the main living room orange this time. Nope. I'm going to paint over our floor to ceiling brown paneling with something else. Haven't quite decided just what yet, though.

Anyway, wanted to come out of hiding tonight to say hello and we're still around. We're just still very much in the process of digging ourselves out of our latest transition. It could be a while before things totally normalize again.