The C-Stash Wins

Picture 20
I’d like to blame Michael Card and Steven Curtis Chapman for the tall stack on the back row there. They aren’t the only players in the C-stash, but they are mighty big contributors to be sure.

Yes, I spent the better part of the late hours a few nights ago realphabetizing all of our CDs. It’s a tedious job, but someone had to do it.

We do have a pretty awesome CD storage rack so they are displayed nicely in the middle of the study, but as I was shelving them the other day I wondered aloud just how long we were going to display our 8-track collection. I mean, of course we don’t really have an 8-track collection, but isn’t it just a matter of time before what you see before you will go the way of the musical dinosaur as well? How many years do we have left before our kids bring their friends home and mutter something embarrased under their breath about their parents’ obsession with 80’s hair bands?

Ah well, I guess we’ll enjoy it while it lasts. And if you have the hankering for some Journey, Bob Dylan or Raffi, then come right over. We have it all and more.


2 thoughts on “The C-Stash Wins

  1. Need A Nap2 says:

    Sounds like some good music. I used to have a hodge podge stack of CDs (before I met my husband I only had cassette tapes). But my husband had all of his alphabetized and then date order. He has all 30 CDs from a Time Life 80s collection so that would probably win for the big stack but then C is pretty big in ours due to SCC and a few others. For him next is probably Weird Al. And I do remember 8 tracks!! 🙂


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