I Draw the Line at Udders

Many of you probably already know this, but today was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. If you wanted a free chicken sandwich, you needed to wear a cow mask. If you wanted a complete meal for free, then you needed to dress like a cow “from head to hoof.”

If you know me at all, you know that free is my love language. Also, my 7-year-old desperately needed a project yesterday since half of us were painting the entry way/stairs/upstairs hallway and the other half were doing math. I asked her if she would make costumes for all of us to wear today. She was happy to oblige. She made them for five of us; Maddie made her own.

Here’s my herd before dinner tonight:

Picture 1
Here’s a special shout-out to Millie for making it happen for us today. Three cheers for the Mini-Moo: Mooooo, Mooooo, Mooooo!

Picture 2

Yes, it’s true. I’ll do almost anything for a free meal. But when we saw the 60-something granny walk in in her cow costume – complete with an inflated rubber glove tied around her waist – I did say out loud that I draw the line at udders.

Picture 5
Fortunately for us, udders were not required.

Thanks, Chick-Fil-A, for both the meal and the memories. We’ve been in Oklahoma for a month now. It’s about time we became versed in the ways of the cow.


5 thoughts on “I Draw the Line at Udders

  1. martha brady says:

    isn’t it fun when your kids get old enough to actually HELP you:) of course, when they leave home, they also leave holes…but that goes w/o saying anyway.


  2. Allison says:

    We dressed up yesterday, too. So great that you had such help! We’ve never been able to go as a family — way to go for your DH participating, too!
    And yes, I saw some and I, too, draw the line at udders. Especially with my preggo belly, I already felt like a cow and bumped into people as it was. That would have been so much worse!


  3. Jawan says:

    I saw more males with udders on than females when we ate our free lunch and dinner yesterday. I couldn’t help but snicker and then try to help my children NOT to look at them.


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