Tweens, Still

Picture 6
The tween years. They continue to perplex us, amaze us, frustrate us, overwhelm us, and drive us to our knees. And just when we think we finally have one stage figured out, here comes another. Feels like holding on tight to a pole in a tornado and just hoping we can hang on long enough to get through it.

The other night there was an incident. We were away from home, but at a trusted location. I excused said tween from the family for a few minutes and left her near the van while I went back in for the rest of our things. Before I walked away, I handed her my phone and told her to take a picture or two while she refocused herself.

When I saw her again five minutes later she presented me with this.

It was a sweet moment and it passed, to be followed later by more turbulence. But to be followed later still by more sweet. Such is the stage we’re in and I’m glad for this little visual reminder of what has been and what will be again.

Grace doesn’t take away the pain, but it does provide hope as we weather the path together.

And weather it together we will.