Speaking of Tweens

Weren’t we just speaking of tweens?

I randomly came across this today:

Picture 12
What is it? It’s the three-year discipleship curriculum for pre-teen and teen girls on the “foundational principles of biblical womanhood—and so much more.”

It’s written by Susan Hunt and I couldn’t be more excited to actually see it in person.

When we moved to Oklahoma City, it was with the two-fold purpose of serving Veritas Classical Academy and also helping launch a PCA church in downtown OKC. We’re excited about both things, but being involved in a church plant means being patient. Very very patient. Moving here to be part of a church plant also means we’re not already plugged in somewhere else so we’ve been floating around this summer and will continue to do that until City Pres launches worship services, probably around next spring.

I’m a little afraid our kids are getting lost in the shuffle. School starting this week is going to help, and the Bible classes they will be taking are going to be fantastic. But I wanted something a bit more intentional for them outside of school. I think this could very well be the thing I’m looking for, at least for my older two.

Of course, the stuff at Children Desiring God also looks awesome, as does the worldview stuff from Summit.

Anyone else out there done “Homeschool Sunday School?”


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