I've spent the past 6 months with this upcoming school year somewhere in the back of my brain. Embedded right there beside it has been the thought, "This will be no big deal." No big deal because I've done this homeschool thing for a long time, so having them home only half of the week should be no big deal.

After recently sitting in on 2 parent orientations, organizing a bajillion uniform pieces on a Google doc spreadsheet, combing over four different book lists and supplies necessary lists over and over and over, and getting a fresh look of exactly what IS required of me on the days my kids are home, I'm finally realizing: This is going to be a very big deal.

It took 3 solid hours tonight to finalize exactly what needs to go to school with the girls tomorrow and make sure it's all in their backpacks. I think we have six or seven backpacks going tomorrow because the nice rolling backpacks I bought from Lands' End are woefully undersized. I never realized wheeled backpacks came in such small sizes. We've used them already for a trip, so I can't really justify sending them back, nor can I justify dropping another chuck of change on new backpacks, so most of them have their heaviest books loaded in the wheeled backpacks and their lighter books loaded in their on-the-back-packs. They are educational sherpas.

I think I've also finally realized how much hope I've placed on the two days/week I will have "alone." I made a mental list of just what all I'd like to get done on those days and that list includes but is not limited to: menu planning/coupon clipping/grocery shopping/house sparkling cleaning/writing deadlines met way ahead of time/insightful awesome blogging planned, written, and scheduled ahead/room painting/closet organizing/life perfection all followed by fresh cookies on the table when the crew gets home on those days.

Verbalizing just about half of that today made me realize what a joke all of that is. It isn't exactly a joke to think I can do some of it, but to expect that I will suddenly turn into the best homemaker who ever walked on the planet just because I will have about 16 hours/week all to myself is laughable.

At any rate, we're jumping in with both feet tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Here's hoping we'll see you on the other side.