And now for something a little sweeter…

I didn’t want to leave my blog on such a sour note for the weekend, and I forgot to inform the world that 10yo Chloe has been 11yo Chloe since last Sunday, so here we go!

Captain Obvious, aka Chloe is now 11. She has been for about a week now. Check it out:

Picture 29
She has beautiful long blonde hair which you will never see all of because she lives in a pony tail 95% of the time. You may not see her nose very much either because it is usually stuck in a book.

She remains perhaps the most diligent member of our family in that if you give her a job to do or a game to play, she sticks it out to the bitter end. Well, she does that for almost everything. She has a bit of trouble with her room, but that runs in our family, so I can’t fault her for that.

She’s on the young end of the number line for 6th grade, but she’s plugging away and she’s going to be fine.

She’s awesome.

She’s Chloe.

And she loved this rainbow cake we made for her birthday:

Picture 27
And she loved the ginormous box of books we gave her for her birthday in addition to this Perry the Platypus hat:

Picture 30
Happy Birthday, Half-Pint #2! You are very special to us.