Weird Dream, Take 2

Okay, so if my dream about Jack Black wasn’t weird enough, last night I had another one. Not about Jack Black. This one was about Ann Voskamp.

And real quick, for the record, I’d like it to be noted that while I can’t prove it, I’m pretty sure this might be the very first time the names Jack Black and Ann Voskamp have appeared together in the same blog post. I’m all creative and interesting like that. *groan*

In real life we have new neighbors who moved in across the street and they are all kinds of awesome. We’re enjoying getting to know them bit by bit. This information is important to this story because in my dream Ann Voskamp and her entire family live in this house WITH my new neighbors.

They don’t exactly live together, but the house is split like a very large duplex. My new neighbors live on the right side and the entire Voskamp family live on the left. I have no idea how long this situation has been going on, but in my dream it was as though it had always been this way. Ann Voskamp lived across the street from me and I didn’t know her very well. I saw her hanging out on the front porch one day and walked over to have a chat. We hadn’t really done that before even though we lived across the street from each other. She was awesome and invited me into her side of the house. Details get fuzzy at this point, but I’m pretty sure I helped myself to the inside of her fridge and fixed lunch for my whole family while she watched. She then had another friend drop in – one she was expecting. She also took an important phone call. I never got the hint. I kept hanging around in her kitchen waiting for her phone call to end so we could continue talking. I might have sneaked a peek down the hall as well. I was curious as to how they all fit in that half of a house.

When I finally realized I was, you know, in the way, I thanked her for the sandwiches and walked across the street back into my house.

Now then. Wasn’t that strange?


10 thoughts on “Weird Dream, Take 2

  1. tracy p. says:

    I got one for you, I also had a wierd dream the other day. First I will tell you it was about Conan O’Brian. Second I will tell you that I don’t watch his show, didn’t that day, or had no connection to be dreaming about him. I fell asleep on the couch while my daughter was watching cartoons. Was only asleep for a few mins don’t even know how I had time to dream. I was watching him do his show, but I was in the audience, I was enjoying it until I could tell he was getting aggitated and getting mad at something so I looked around and behind me to see that there were only about 6-8 of us watching the show. He was so mad that nobody was there and the ones that were, were not laughing. I then woke up and thought that Conan’s career is coming to an end, and have the strong feeling that I should tell someone. But since it was only a dream and I am not Patricia Arquette, or a Medium, I have decided to keep this quite till now. lol, just figured I would get it out here so you wouldn’t feel alone in your celbrity dreams. šŸ™‚


  2. coralie says:

    So if you google “Jack Black and Ann Voskamp” in quotes, this post is the ONLY post in the whole wide interpipes. Quite an accomplishment I say.
    I often have strange, vivid dreams. I dreamed once I was catering an event in a building’s crawl space and I was pouring drinks asking people if they would like, “Red juice, or ranch dressing.”
    mmmm. yummmy.


  3. Megan says:

    Oh man, that’s hilarious. I will admit – I wish I had interesting dreams more often. It’s been so long since I’ve had any that I’ve remembered that I had to post these two. But if I had one like yours regularly? I might post them all the time. *grin*


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