Greek Festival, 2nd Grade Style

The second grade had their annual Greek Festival this past Tuesday. One of the beautiful things about being the “new” family is that so far I haven’t been tasked with many school responsibilities. Granted, when nobody else was available to be the 3rd grade homeroom parent, I volunteered, but so far it’s been an easy gig.

I found out on Tuesday just how much work the Greek Festival actually was and all I did was stop by Sam’s on my way for some kind of Greekish dessert and and show up willing to man the archery station during the “Olympic” games. Easy peasey. For me. It didn’t take much time at all for me to figure out that many man-hours (or should I say mom-hours) went in to making the festival what it was and I was grateful for every single one of them. I was more grateful that they weren’t my mom-hours. My time will come, I’m just glad it hasn’t come yet.

The kids started off by giving a presentation in the chapel with all the Greek songs and chants they’ve learned so far this year:

Picture 37
The togas were super easy to do. We just had to get a large white t-shirt, pop their names on in Greek letters (some used fabric markers, some iron-on transfer paper), and cut the sleeves off. A bit of twine took care of the rest – instant toga!

After the presentation we walked across to the gym area for the feast and Olympic games. The first unplanned game was actually, “Who can walk across the wind tunnel and not lose your wreath?”

Picture 38
And the feast. The moms did a great job pulling this off. My contribution? You see those grapes in the front? Yep, that was me. And that store-bought plate of something I don’t know the name of in the back that looks like it has jam inside? I bought those at Sam’s too.

Picture 39
And the drinks:

Picture 40

Of course I took more pictures of my own child than the others. It’s in my job description.

Picture 41
Here are the kids on their way to the Olympic games:

Picture 42
I brought Maddie with me to help with the games. She was tasked with leading the hurdles.

Picture 43
I also brought Chloe with me. She’s hard at work at the archery station.

Picture 44
We actually did work hard most of the time, but there were a few pockets in which we didn’t have any kids at our station. You are seeing one of those times.

Here’s one of the chariot races:

Picture 45
And the awards ceremony:

Picture 46
Super fun event, super fun time. I’m totally digging the blended model school system. I love, love, love having my kids home part of the time and having them at school part of the time. The Greek Festival is just one of the perks of this system.

Thanks Veritas Moms and Teachers! You all rock!