Cartoon Kid

Picture 4

Katie has taken to drawing cartoons lately. She showed us this one and honestly, I laughed and laughed. I thought it was pretty darn clever.

Picture 5
“I am going on a walk”

Picture 6
[Stop Sign]

Picture 7
“Oh, a stop sign. I have to stop.”

Picture 8

Picture 9
“This is taking long.”

Picture 10
“My walk will wait.”

Picture 11
[Later, 5 minutes]

Picture 12
“I am back!”

Picture 13
“Will you move!”

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16
“Now I can go take my walk.”

Picture 17

Picture 18

That’s my girl.


2 thoughts on “Cartoon Kid

  1. Char Dunham says:

    Katie, one of my former students, an attorney, just today finished his “walk” from the east coast to the west coast. He had had it with his “day job”, so he chucked it and went for a walk across the country! I’m sure he had the same thoughts as you did in the cartoon when he started out!
    Looking forward to seeing you and your family in two weeks!


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