Why Do We Call It Christmas?


Buck Denver Asks…Why Do We Call It Christmas? This is not a promo post here. I paid $9.99 for this DVD from Amazon, yet I feel compelled to share it with you anyway.

These are the questions I ask every year.

I've loved the entire What's In The Bible series thus far and was just super excited when I found out about the Christmas one. It's good stuff. And I wanted you to know.


3 thoughts on “Why Do We Call It Christmas?

  1. Monica says:

    So, I just recently received the first What’s In the Bible DVD and overall I’m loving it – but how do you handle the desire for them to make it appealing to everyone? For example how a young/old earth is explained, the Big Bang and mentioning books of the Bible in other Bibles such as Catholic, etc… Do you use this as a teaching/conversation tool or what? Just curious, because this is the only one we’ve seen and while my kids love it – I’m a little leary…


  2. Megan says:

    Super great question and I’d say that I would definitely use it as a teaching tool. As long as we’re on this earth we simply won’t see eye to eye 100% on every single jot and tittle, but if overall I’m in agreement with most of it, I’m happy to have a conversation discussing what remains.
    Did you specifically notice the things you mentioned above? I may need to watch the first one again more carefully to catch them!


  3. Monica says:

    Thanks, Megan! Yes, I noticed those things while watching the first one that I had received for review on my blog. It was just Emily and I watching it – but since then all of mine love to watch it especially the cheesy hair guys singing Genesis…. 🙂


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