The Meaning of Marriage

Picture 1Craig and I will have been married for 15 years on December 14. To celebrate, I bought him The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller.

Wasn't that nice of me? "Here, Sweetie, happy anniversary. Why don't you read this so we can have a better marriage?"

Actually, I didn't really buy it for him. I bought it for me and my gift to him is that I'm going to actually read it – the entire thing – by December 14.

I think it's a bit ironic that my brand new copy of this book arrived pretty dinged up. What should be shiny and new arrived at my door already a bit on the beat up side. If that isn't a picture of marriage, I'm not sure what is.

People get married with so many expectations of what life together will and should be, and when a big smudge arrives the next week to mar our perception of perfection, it can make us question the contents.

I have a pretty good idea I have no reason to question the quality of the contents of this book, no matter what happened to it in transit. But I should probably start looking at my own marriage a little deeper than just the surface of what we look like to each other and the rest of the world and get a good reminder of the heart of who we are, both as individuals and together.

And so, my gift to Craig is a book that I'm not asking him to read, but that I'm promising to read myself. Here we go.