15 Years

Picture 12
December 14, in which Craig and I have now been married for 15 years. After waking up from our late-afternoon school-induced respective comas (his from administrating, mine from homeschooling), we debated the following scenarios:

1) We go out to dinner by ourselves.

2) We get take-out and bring it back.

3) I take the girls out while Craig drops dead again into his after-school coma and then bring him something back.

4) We take the girls and all six go.

We opted for #4 because when you are nearly dead the prospect of preparing dinner for your kids so you can go out to eat only to come back to the need to clean up your kids’ dinner did not sound like an awesome way to celebrate fifteen years of very very hard work. And also, we felt like Craig really probably should be present.

We went to Red Robin. And we were happy.