It’s been a bit of a week

Last Sunday Craig started feeling pain and having symptoms akin to the kidney stone adventure of 2009. The rest of the week was a series of finding a doctor here in Oklahoma City, scheduling the appointment, then the CT scan, then waiting because there was an 18-hour period of time in which we really thought he might have cancer instead, then being super relieved that his problem was really just kidney stones. Another appointment on Friday. Now laparoscopic surgery today.

The biggest surprise so far was discovering that they are only going to remove one of them today – the 9mm one. They are saving the 7mm one for a rainy day. Actually, they don’t work on both kidneys at the same time in case of complication – you need to have one functioning kidney. Makes sense, fo sho, but it was a surprise to think he may have to do this again in the near future.

So. Here I am, in the waiting room, listening to a variety of interesting (and I use the word interesting very loosely) conversations happening around me, and waiting for Craig’s number on the TV screen to change from green to blue because when that happens, it’s all over.

For now, though, I wait.