Home Economics

Whenever we’re eating out somewhere and our kids end up with a dessert, but we don’t, we tell them they need to “pay the tax.” This is just our funny way of asking for a bite of whatever they have. When you have four kids and they each have a treat, that’s four bites of something and it’s usually enough to satisfy our own desire for something sweet after dinner. Our kids are *usually* happy to comply.

Tonight we went to a Mexican restaurant with some friends. After dinner the girls each received a sopapilla. Craig reminded them that they needed to pay the tax. They started the process of sharing and a few minutes later we heard this:

Chloe to Katie: “Did you pay the tax to Mom?”

Katie to Chloe: “But I already paid the tax to Dad!”

Chloe to Katie: “You have to pay them both.”


Katie: “Government these days.”

*giggle* If I remember correctly I had just taken a drink of my water and actually spit some out right there on the spot. That was good for a several-minutes-long laugh.


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