Weekend Adventure

Katie (9-almost-10) and I are leaving soon for Dallas. This will be my third time to take a weekend trip with one of our girls who either is, just turned, or is about to turn 10. I took Maddie (then 10) to Chicago. Twenty months later, I took Chloe (then C10) to Chicago also. As we don’t live so close to Chicago anymore, the logical conclusion for this trip (some 17 months after the last one) boiled down to Dallas. So off we go.

My original idea was to take the girls to their first Broadway show during this trip and I did that with Maddie. But there wasn’t a show playing the weekend I took Chloe, so we went to a Cub’s game instead. As it turns out, there really isn’t anything I want to take K to on this trip to Dallas, so we’re head to Medieval Times.

You know what’s funny? Though it wasn’t intentional, each of these places are directly in keeping with each of their personalities. It happened by accident, but what a happy accident!

It’s raining outside. We have to drop Millie off at a friend’s house on our way out of town, but off we go.

We’re really looking forward to it!


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