Education Redefined

Picture 21Many of you know we’re part of a very unique educational experience here in Oklahoma City – Veritas Classical Academy – which, as I like to think of it, combines the best of both worlds in the realm of education. I’ve always had the heart of a homeschooler, but recognized two years ago I didn’t exactly have the drive of one. What I mean by that is that while I loved homeschooling my kids, I wasn’t doing that great of a job of it with all four of my kids at the same time. With Veritas, I have the assurance and accountability that none of my kids are getting dropped in any area, while at the same time, I get to teach them at home half the time as well. It’s been working really well for us this year.

Next month we’re hosting our first annual fundraising banquet and the theme of the banquet is Constructing the Vision: Education Redefined. I’m excited that Susan Wise Bauer is headlining our event as the main speaker and Michael Card will be performing that evening as well. All of our girls already know Michael Card, so they are looking forward to seeing him again. All of our girls have gone through a variety of Susan’s educational resources, so when I mentioned she was coming, K10 asked if she could bring last year’s Writing with Ease book and have her sign it. I think that’s both sweet and hysterical. And…if I can find last year’s Writing with Ease book, I’ll definitely let her bring it that night! There are no guarantees I will be able to find it…*cough*

Anyway, I’m on the banquet planning team and my main job is to make sure we have table decor. After initially flipping out because I don’t really see table decor as one of my spiritual gifts, I remembered that it is one of the spiritual gifts of my friend Kirsten. I told her the theme of the banquet and pretty much begged her to come up with a centerpiece idea. In keeping with the “constructing the vision” theme, she came up with the vase you see below with nails glued all around. I added the blue ribbon and I think they. are. perfect.

Picture 20
We’re getting together this weekend to make 55 of these babies. So much fun, right? Pray I don’t burn my thumbs off on Saturday.

Also, I remembered the Michael Miller Whimsy line in royal blue and yellow and spent a lot of time hunting down various pieces from that collection with which to make table toppers. I’ve been a cutting and sewing fool for the past week. I think they look pretty snazzy and am excited to see them all on the tables at the banquet.

I’m looking forward to the evening. If you are in the area on Thursday, March 8, I’d love to encourage you to snag some tickets and come. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause (our awesome school), but you will be both inspired and encouraged by two dynamic people as well.

I’m just going to come out and say it – this it totally worth your time and your money.

See you there!


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