This week is a bit on the weighty side

Head/chest cold last weekend, spilling over into the week.

An uncle I didn't know very well. He died on Monday.

My 3rd grader who has a learning delay. I'm struggling with the spelling program we have to use.

A Valentine's Day party I had very little heart for.

Fast fingers, quick to spout off what I'm really thinking about just about everything. Sometimes being a writer is a bad thing.

Parenting that should be put into time out.

Leaving for the funeral tomorrow.

Wondering just a bit if this week is what chronic depression feels like.

A heavy emotional weight.

And I'm so very tired.

4 thoughts on “This week is a bit on the weighty side

  1. RT says:

    Megan, you are not alone in this! Life just north of you has also been tough recently and I spend at least one morning a week actively avoided everyone (as an extrovert this is not my norm). I’ll pray for you, friend.


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