Spring Break!

Picture 28
Resting and productivity go hand-in-hand on a “break.” So many things get neglected during the rush of normal life including a certain backyard and a sewing hallway (aka: let’s just dump this HERE for now). Also neglected: true rest.

We contemplated taking a trip this week, but after the last couple of months, I just couldn’t do it. All I wanted to do was be home with no school work to help anyone with and no events to plan for.

Done and done.

Really hoping to do a few fun OKC things this week with the girls, but also hoping to get that sewing hallway back in shape. I made good progress on it today, but am far from finished. I want to make curtains for the kitchen and the school room. I’ve had the fabric for months now, just no time. I won’t let myself start that project until I can see my sewing table. Not quite done on that one yet.

I’ve had clean laundry piling up in my room for a few weeks too. I hate living that way, but that’s the default we’ve had to deal with lately. Finally got it all sorted and put away (or given to the appropriate person to put away) just in time to start another round, but this time I intend to get it put away as it comes out. Good intentions, all that.

We all slept until at least 9:30 this morning and it was beautiful. Thankful for church that doesn’t start until 5pm.

I cleaned out and reorganized the little pantry closet last night, so I have a pretty good idea of what we have and plan to have simple meals all week based on what we already have, with a dinner out here and there.

Normally I like to GO. I like to experience things and go places. But I also know my limits and this semester has brought me right to the edge of them. I know we need rest.

And by golly, I plan to get some.

The Lords and Ladies of the 3rd Grade

Yesterday we had the 3rd Grade Ye Olde Renaissance Festival. And by Festival, I really mean feast and program. The best of intentions hoped we’d come up with some costumes, decor, and maybe a few games. The best of intentions did not happen. In the end, everything was fine. The North Campus sent us some of their decor (THANK YOU, NORTH CAMPUS) and we discovered no games were necessary. After the program, all the kids wanted to do was run around like crazy in the field next to the school. Check and check.

Picture 4
We had a little complication with our location, but again, even that all worked out in the end. It’s so nice when things come together and happen.

Picture 5

After our feasting we were treated to the presentation of some hard-working 3rd graders:

Picture 6
Poems, mini-play, dancing – they did a great job! Then there was the art walk:

Picture 8
Every child had on display a self-portrait, a little bio of themselves, and a piece of art they had copied from one of the Renaissance masters.

Hey! This kid looks familiar:

Picture 9
From the parent perspective, it was a super time. From the homeroom mom perspective, there are some things I’d like to change for next year because yep, I’ll have another 3rd grader next year.

But as this was the first time VCA did a Renaissance Festival for 3rd grade and as this same event took place just one week after these events, I say this was pretty successful. I also say I’m super glad that after we finish going over math in an hour, we’re officially on Spring Break.

Bring it!

Collective Exhaustion, aka: How to make a peanut butter and pancake syrup sandwich

Picture 8
I'd like to take this moment to introduce myself. I'm Megan and I sometimes write stuff here on this blog. When I'm not doing that, I might be found doing stuff like you see in the photo above.

We hosted our first annual spring fundraising banquet last Thursday and it was a crazy awesome success. It was one of those points in time where you have all these really specific needs that have to be done and you have all the perfect people doing each of those specific needs and by the end of the night – awesomeness.

But also at the end of the night – exhaustion. We rolled immediatly over from the banquet into the Biblical Imagination Conference with Michael Card here in OKC. I was responsible for a handful of meals for a handful of people over the course of the weekend and I did something I usually have a very hard time doing: I asked for help.

My friend, Kirsten, graciously agreed to HELP me with two dinners. We were supposed to get together early last week to plan the meals and divide the responsibilities. What actually happened, though, is that we were never able to get together to do this and then it became Thursday. On Thursday I was at the hotel all day long working on banquet prep with the rest of the team. I asked Kirsten if she'd just come up with the menu plans all on her own. She did. And then she said, "How about I just go do the shopping for it all too?" I said, "Thanks, that would be awesome!" She then said, "I'll just go ahead and cook it all too."

And the award for Friend Of The Year goes to… yep. Kirsten pretty much saved my bacon this weekend. I did a little cooking for the dinners, but she did most of it all by herself. That left me with covering conference munchies for 40 two times on Saturday and a small brunch at our house on Sunday morning for Michael Card and the conference crew.

After brunch we headed over to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and E8 gave Michael Card a tour. I loved, loved, LOVED that he took her seriously for what she was doing and actually listened to her. Such a great guy.

Picture 12
After that, we said good-bye to the crew at the airport, went home and took a long overdue nap (and by overdue, I'm talking weeks here) and then went to church.

This week was off with a bang again with a meeting of the VCA Scholarship committee at our house last night and our weekly City Group meeting tonight. This Thursday is the 3rd grade Renaissance Festival and I'm kind of coordinating all the food for the feast on that. I had to let go of some of my control tendencies there too – there will be no costumes and no decor. There's simply been no time.

It's a season and it it will change. It's true that I'm exhausted, hence my accidental lunch attempt this morning of peanut butter and jam sandwiches in which we had no jam, so I grabbed the honey instead, but really grabbed the pancake syrup and get this – didn't even notice until I'd put syrup on all five sandwiches. I still didn't notice until my 11yo, who was watching me the entire time said, "Um, Mom, why are you putting syrup on our sandwiches?" Yep. It's time for someone to go on Spring Break.

I think I used to feel guilty when I didn't post on my blog very much. Kind of like I'm letting down some cosmic internet prefect for not fulfulling my duties.

I now know better. Less time on the blog means I'm doing MUCH more in the flesh than usual and while that also usually means busier than usual, it does not necessarily mean worse than usual.

So peace out for now. I may be back tomorrow or it may be a while. I'm not really sure how long this season will last.