The Lords and Ladies of the 3rd Grade

Yesterday we had the 3rd Grade Ye Olde Renaissance Festival. And by Festival, I really mean feast and program. The best of intentions hoped we’d come up with some costumes, decor, and maybe a few games. The best of intentions did not happen. In the end, everything was fine. The North Campus sent us some of their decor (THANK YOU, NORTH CAMPUS) and we discovered no games were necessary. After the program, all the kids wanted to do was run around like crazy in the field next to the school. Check and check.

Picture 4
We had a little complication with our location, but again, even that all worked out in the end. It’s so nice when things come together and happen.

Picture 5

After our feasting we were treated to the presentation of some hard-working 3rd graders:

Picture 6
Poems, mini-play, dancing – they did a great job! Then there was the art walk:

Picture 8
Every child had on display a self-portrait, a little bio of themselves, and a piece of art they had copied from one of the Renaissance masters.

Hey! This kid looks familiar:

Picture 9
From the parent perspective, it was a super time. From the homeroom mom perspective, there are some things I’d like to change for next year because yep, I’ll have another 3rd grader next year.

But as this was the first time VCA did a Renaissance Festival for 3rd grade and as this same event took place just one week after these events, I say this was pretty successful. I also say I’m super glad that after we finish going over math in an hour, we’re officially on Spring Break.

Bring it!


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