Here’s a little Pinterest-inspired solar system project completed entirely by my 3rd grader all by herself:

Picture 14
We did end up having to cut the board in half and make it super long so she could put the planets in order in one long row instead of stacked in two rows, but hey – she did what she could in the space that she had. I thought it was awesome.


The Apple Store Field Trip:

Picture 15
This was super. Free t-shirts and complete trust of a bunch of kids with this stack of iPads. That same weekend we downloaded the iMovie app and my girls did this all on their own. Equal parts cool and creepy, no?


Painting at will:

Picture 16
Enough said.


And then this:

Picture 17
We got an 18′ by 48″ high above ground pool. It was probably one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long, long time.


Happy Summer!!


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