Eagle Lake Camp

Picture 2
(photo by Andrew Brown)

This is not the cute "What We Did at Summer Camp" post that I was hoping to be able to write next month.

Nor is this the "I Wrote About Eagle Lake Camp on the Build-A-Bear Workshop" post that I've been meaning to write for the past month.

Instead, this is a grieving post. Though our physical selves are in Oklahoma City right now, our hearts are in Colorado Springs.

Craig gives a pretty good explanation of what's been going on there this week.

I don't know if you've been following along, but let's just say that things have gotten a bit worse since then.

I could post links to maps and news and updates, but we know what anyone else knows based on press conferences and #WaldoCanyonFire twitter updates. There is much we don't know at this point.

Picture 3

This map is from Wednesday morning's update, and Eagle Lake is that little spot in the middle of all the red. Again, we do not know what what this means yet (for obvious reasons, none of our people can get up there yet to find out), but we know that firefighters have been using camp as a staging area and using the lake itself to help fight the fire. Miraculously, camp has only lost one cabin to date.

My Eagle Lake story began in 1993 after my freshman year of college at Oklahoma State University. Though we started a new chapter in 2005 when we left Colorado to start seminary, The Navigators organization is still very much part of our story: Craig and I met at Eagle Lake; we and many of our friends married during our Eagle Lake years; we started our families together; we are family.

In the midst of the waiting, the praying, and the crying yesterday, I wanted to remember. I wanted my kids to remember. I pulled out all of our family scrapbooks and laughed all afternoon. And cried. And remembered.

The quality of photos in the slideshow below is about as low as the style of the hair (this was the early 90's, when neither digital cameras nor reasonable haircuts were around) so that disclaimer should cover a multitude of pixel and style sins.



Last night, Craig sent this out on Twitter: "No words and Psalm 121:1 too close for comfort: "I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come from?" Help, Lord. #waldocanyonfire

Help, Lord. Please.