The Middle of Vacation

I like to call this photo “Small Town Detention” because I snapped it near the ball fields of a, well, of a really small town earlier this week. It just cracked me up, so there you have it.

We’re currently in the middle of a two-week trip that isn’t exactly a “vacation” in the traditional sense, but is a ceasing of sorts, and thus a break. We’re in a small motel in the middle of Kansas, the kind with an outdoor pool and the kind of early 1980’s broken metal playground out front akin to what you might see on, say, Con Air.

We stopped for lunch in Kansas City to see our friend Ron and tour his awesome audio visual wonderland, aka: Harvest Productions. It was there I discovered two things: 1) I want my own warehouse and 2) Chloe is going to work there when she grows up. Maybe before.

Millie is still battling croup and we’re still drugging her up periodically, but she managed to avoid all walk-in clinics and emergency rooms for two days straight now. We’re hoping to make that three tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’re headed to our last big stop of our trip, Colorado Springs, where we will be for the duration of the trip. We’re really looking forward to seeing a lot of people, to visiting favorites from when we lived there, and just being for a few days.

And I’m totally in denial that school starts again in just 5 weeks or so. Wah. I need a break from our summer break. Sooo not ready. You?

Griswold Vacations

To be fair, we’re only half-way through with the one that we’re on and it has *mostly* been fine so far. Cardinals game in St. Louis? Check!

Tour of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis? Check!

Don’t judge! It was actually super informative and historical. Yes, we took our kids and no, I’m not sorry. Yes, they offered free brew at the end, but no, I didn’t have any. I opted for the Diet Pepsi instead (though I’m really a Coke Zero girl at heart). It’s a free tour and, as we lived in St. Louis for 6 years, long overdue for our family to go on.

Then a quick pass through the reason we moved to St. Louis back in 2005: Covenant Seminary. We initiated our vacation here by purchasing a new book for each of us…

More small town Americana than you can shake a baseball bat at thanks to rural Illinois:

And…small town ER visits for Millie:

Okay, so technically only one ER visit so far. But I took her to a walk-in clinic first just yesterday. Tonight, after 2 hours of consecutive non-stop coughing, she earned her way to the ER for a double dose of breathing treatments, chest x-rays, and a take-home arsenal of meds. We were supposed to begin our westward journey tomorrow, but we’ll be hanging out here on the farm another day to see if we can whip this cough into shape or if she gets to back for round 3 tomorrow.

So, not too Griswold-ish yet, but give us time. Colorado Springs awaits.

Something Good, Something Bad

First,  the good. Remember the scare we had with Eagle Lake Camp? I’d love it if you would watch this video. Such a testimony to the hand of God working to save a place that has been so significant in so many lives for so many years.

And now, the bad. Last Monday, my mom, Moleta King, was diagnosed with ALS (otherwise known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease). For what are probably obvious reasons, the implications on my family, particularly my mom and dad, are huge. We are all in a semi-dazed state of mourning right now. Sadness, anger, denial – you name it. At this point in time, I do not know how much of this I will process here online. There may come a time when it seems appropriate to do so, or it may seem more appropriate to keep those things completely private. Either way, somehow it will impact what happens here online. I’ve always processed thoughts and emotion in writing. I haven’t always done so online, so it may be that I return to a paper journal for such thoughts.

But one thing is for sure – I wanted you to know so that if you believe in the power of prayer (I do – see the link and video mentioned above), then I’m begging you for prayers. Pray that God would heal my mom and strengthen my dad. Those are the simple sentences I cry myself to sleep with at night. Please God. Heal my mom and strengthen my dad.

Thank you.

Road Tripping

We’re on the road again. I think this is our family’s third trip in as many weeks. This one is the longest and we travel the furthest. Like this:

The first leg of our trip is the closest to our house. We’re visiting my parents and they are taking on the task of adding our two dogs to their mix for the next two weeks. This is no small feat – their own Golden Retriever is more like a wild Mustang than a dog, so this will definitely be an interesting two weeks for them.

We’re going to all the places we’ve lived and seeing a lot of people we love. We hope for rest, meaningful conversations, and potty breaks that are few and far between.

Ah, vacation.