The Middle of Vacation

I like to call this photo “Small Town Detention” because I snapped it near the ball fields of a, well, of a really small town earlier this week. It just cracked me up, so there you have it.

We’re currently in the middle of a two-week trip that isn’t exactly a “vacation” in the traditional sense, but is a ceasing of sorts, and thus a break. We’re in a small motel in the middle of Kansas, the kind with an outdoor pool and the kind of early 1980’s broken metal playground out front akin to what you might see on, say, Con Air.

We stopped for lunch in Kansas City to see our friend Ron and tour his awesome audio visual wonderland, aka: Harvest Productions. It was there I discovered two things: 1) I want my own warehouse and 2) Chloe is going to work there when she grows up. Maybe before.

Millie is still battling croup and we’re still drugging her up periodically, but she managed to avoid all walk-in clinics and emergency rooms for two days straight now. We’re hoping to make that three tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’re headed to our last big stop of our trip, Colorado Springs, where we will be for the duration of the trip. We’re really looking forward to seeing a lot of people, to visiting favorites from when we lived there, and just being for a few days.

And I’m totally in denial that school starts again in just 5 weeks or so. Wah. I need a break from our summer break. Sooo not ready. You?