Intersecting Lives

Back when we met we had four different last names. Eagle Lake has a way of joining like-minded people together and sending them out to serve. There are so many people from our Navigator past who will remain in our hearts forever. There are just as many who came in for a season and left and I struggle to remember their names or which year they were at camp with us.

Kara and Jason could have been in that second category, but for the fact that we reconnected a few years ago on the internet. Kara has the most amazing way with words and has the ability to make you just want to sit at the feet of Jesus. It was during this period of cyber-reconnecting we discovered we were in seminary at the same time. Different seminaries, similar direction. And then this summer we found out that the Tippetts were headed to Colorado Springs to plant a PCA church on the west side of town. Y’all, I’m so excited for them in this venture. Part of me wishes they had done this back in 2000 and changed the course of our Colorado Springs church story, but I guess I shouldn’t wish away what God ordained to be ours.

We had dinner with the Tippetts and other long-time friends, the Stricklers, while we were in Colorado Springs recently. That night we found out Kara had been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I don’t pretend to know why God works the way He does. I don’t pretend that I don’t also wish this away from the Tippetts. I do. I wish it away with all my heart. I pray God would do a miracle in Kara and bring about health and restoration and long life and all that. I do.

And I’m asking you to pray with me for her in this. And above all else for the peace that passes all understanding to be hers and Jason’s and each of their four sweet kids from this time forth and forever.

Kara has started a new blog for this new season and her heart is so worth hearing. I wanted to share it with you. Read and be reminded to pray. Read and be blessed.

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